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About Quint

About Quint

Quint Development Corporation is a unique not-for-profit organization, focused on creating economic opportunities that help to strengthen communities and improve social conditions for Saskatoon residents.

The corporation was conceived by area residents with support from civic and provincial governments, and Saskatoon businesses. The goal is to create opportunities for stable housing, jobs and economic development in Saskatoon's West-side core neighbourhoods.

Mission Statement

To strengthen the economic and social well-being of Saskatoon's five core neighbourhoods through a community economic development approach.

Our Vision

We see citizens who are caring and self-reliant, residing in safe and stable communities where all citizens can participate. We see the community initiating and supporting social, economic, cultural, and recreational opportunities for all.

Community Economic Development Philosophy

Quint works in a holistic way, integrating economic, social, and environmental development and always aiming to strengthen communities. We work with a wide variety of partners in business, government and the community in order to create jobs and offer training and housing for community members. We strive for inclusive economic development and we work a manner in-keeping with the community’s priorities, culture and values.

Read more about community development philosophy here.

Quint Programs:

Affordable Rental Housing

  • providing affordable rental apartment suites, homes and townhouses within the core neighbourhoods

Male Youth Lodge

  • offering a transitional residence for 16-22 year old at-risk males, providing safe stable housing as well as educational and training opportunities

Pleasant Hill Place

  • providing supportive housing for mothers at risk of losing their children for a variety of reasons. The home offers 24-hour support and works to connect families with the services they require to become self-reliant

Neighbourhood Ownership Program

  • helping low-income families to purchase and renovate homes in the core neighbourhoods

New Infill Housing Development

  • creating new, green infill housing projects as part of a move to revitalise the core neighbourhoods

Core Neighbourhoods At Work

  • connecting job-seekers with training and job opportunities and connecting employers with potential employees

Station 20 West Community Enterprise Centre & Good Food Junction Co-op

  • providing residents with access to nutritious food, as well as offering other necessary services and amenities to the core area
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